Virginia Humane Living Center

Celebrating our humanity towards people, animals & environment!


The greatest human quality -

Learn it, Teach it, Share it.

CompassionCOMPASSION: the sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress coupled with a desire to alleviate it. 

Too often, our human activity brings suffering into the world - even, and perhaps most often, when we're not aware of it:

  • through dis-respect and exploitation of other people.
  • through individual and commercialized use and abuse of non-human animals
  • and through industrialized and destructive abuses of our natural environment.

The dynamics that promote abuse may be complex but the damage that results threatens our humanity and our present and sustainable well-being.

Solutions are present and growing daily but they need the ears, hearts, and engagement of those who will heed and share them. When abuses arise from our actions WE CAN CHANGE IT by learning to make conscious and responsible choices!

It’s a wonderful thing to know that, through our daily choices,
we can avoid and prevent harm to the people, animals,
and environment that make up our world.


We Seek:

  • To promote dialogue, information sharing, and community engagement to address our challenges.
  • To employ the power of collaboration to bring about positive change
  • To develop a volunteer corps of humane educators and speakers available to address classrooms and community meetings.

We Offer:

  • A forum for networking, exploring, learning, and sharing the challenges and pleasures of living humanely.
  • An information resource center and active guidance towards a wealth of resources, options, and aids for those choosing to practice and teach humane principles.
  • A commitment to advancing the practice of humane living and humane education.